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Community Data View Legend

Social Environment
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Percent Males50.22%47.00%48.60%N/A
Percent MalesN/A%N/AN/A
Percent Population African AmericanN/A63.00%31.90%N/A
Percent Population African AmericanN/A%N/AN/A
Percent Population AsianN/A2.80%1.50%N/A
Percent Population AsianN/A%N/AN/A
Percent Population Hispanic/LatinoN/A4.40%3.30%N/A
Percent Population Hispanic/LatinoN/A%N/AN/A
Percent Population White52.68%31.80%64.00%N/A
Percent Population WhiteN/A%N/AN/A
Persons per Square Mile (persons/square mile)N/A1904.20N/A87.30
Population Between 18 to 64 Years of AgeN/A66.50%62.60%N/A
Population Between 18 to 64 Years of AgeN/A%N/AN/A
Population ChangeN/A7.40%N/AN/A
Population Over Age 659.28%11.40%N/AN/A
Population Under Age 18N/A%N/AN/A
Population Under Age 1813.28%21.40%N/AN/A
Total Population (people)3373.003482.00N/AN/A
Family Structure
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Single-Parent HouseholdsN/A61.00%N/A30.10%
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Linguistic Isolation2.70%2.20%N/A0.80%
Access to Health Services
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Adults with Health InsuranceN/A75.40%N/A100.00%(2020 Target)
Children with Health InsuranceN/A96.20%N/A100.00%(2020 Target)
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Age-Adjusted Death Rate Due to All Cancers (deaths/100,000 population)N/A151.60195.50N/A
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Breast Cancer (deaths/100,000 females)N/A24.6027.30N/A
Age-Adjusted death rate due to Colon Cancer (deaths/100,000 population)N/A15.4016.10N/A
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Lung Cancer (deaths/100,000 population)N/A37.3058.10N/A
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Prostate Cancer (deaths/100,000 males)N/A35.80N/A21.20(2020 Target)
All Cancer Incidence Rate (cases/100,000 population)N/A458.40N/A456.80
Breast Cancer Incidence Rate (cases/100,000 females)N/A128.10N/AN/A
Cervical Cancer Incidence Rate (cases/100,000 females)N/A10.00N/AN/A
Colon Cancer ScreeningN/A63.70%60.80%N/A
Colorectal Cancer Incidence Rate (cases/100,000 population)N/A47.60N/A38.60(2020 Target)
Lung and Bronchus Cancer Incidence Rate (cases/100,000 population)N/A68.90N/AN/A
Mammogram HistoryN/A77.30%78.50%N/A
Oral Cavity and Pharynx Cancer Incidence Rate (cases/100,000 population)N/A10.80N/AN/A
Pap Test HistoryN/A84.10%83.10%N/A
Prostate Cancer Incidence Rate (cases/100,000 males)N/A162.00N/AN/A
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Adults with DiabetesN/A12.30%10.30%N/A
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Diabetes (deaths/100,000 population)N/A25.4032.00N/A
Hospitalization Rate due to Short-Term Complications of Diabetes (admissions/100,000 population)N/A87.60N/AN/A
Exercise, Nutrition, & Weight
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Adult Fruit and Vegetable ConsumptionN/A23.60%16.90%N/A
Adults Engaging in Regular Physical ActivityN/A47.80%43.60%47.90%(2020 Target)
Adults who are ObeseN/A31.40%31.70%30.60%(2020 Target)
Adults who are Overweight or ObeseN/A64.00%66.40%N/A
Fast Food Restaurant Density (number of units per 1,000 population)0.000.70N/AN/A
Low-Income Preschool ObesityN/A13.80%N/A13.90%
Family Planning
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Teen Birth Rate (live births/1,000 females aged 15-19)N/A47.1054.70N/A
Heart Disease & Stroke
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) (Total CHD Deaths/100,000 pop.)N/A88.50127.80100.80(2020 Target)
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Stroke (Total number of deaths from stroke/100,000 pop.)N/A42.8048.3033.80(2020 Target)
Hospitalization Rate due to Congestive Heart Failure ()280.50444.80N/AN/A
Hospitalization Rate due to Hypertension (admissions/100,000 population)N/A74.90N/AN/A
Immunizations & Infectious Diseases
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Flu or Pneumonia (deaths/100,000 population)N/A12.3019.90N/A
Chlamydia Incidence Rate (cases/100,000 population)N/A1345.40N/AN/A
HIV Prevalence (people)N/A4585.00N/AN/A
Tuberculosis Incidence Rate (cases/100,000 population)N/A6.30N/A1.00(2020 Target)
Maternal, Fetal & Infant Health
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Babies with Low Birth Weight16.40%12.90%N/AN/A
Birth Rate (births/1,000 population)15.9011.10N/AN/A
Births to Teenagers (women under 18 years of age)5.00%4.80%N/AN/A
Fertility Rate (fertility rate/1,000 females 15-49)67.2048.90N/AN/A
Infant Mortality Rate (deaths/1,000 population)N/A8.809.20N/A
Prenatal Care81.76%81.10%N/AN/A
Preterm Births15.70%14.00%N/AN/A
Mental Health & Mental Disorders
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Suicide (deaths/100,000 population)N/A9.8011.6010.20(2020 Target)
Mortality Data
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Age-Adjusted Death Rate (Age-Adjusted Deaths/ 100,000 population)809.60752.800.00N/A
Crude Death Rate (Total Deaths/100,000 population)818.40774.00904.10N/A
Oral Health
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Adults 65+ with Total Tooth LossN/A19.20%25.60%N/A
Adults who have had Permanent Teeth ExtractedN/A47.90%50.90%N/A
Adults who Visited a DentistN/A60.60%63.90%N/A
Other Chronic Diseases
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Hospitalization Rate due to Chronic Complications (admissions/100,000 population)939.10978.20N/AN/A
Other Conditions
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Cirrhosis (deaths/100,000 population)N/A8.206.70N/A
Hospitalization Rate due to Acute Complications (admissions/100,000 population)329.30396.40N/AN/A
Overall Hospitalization Rate (admissions/100,000 population)1268.401374.50N/AN/A
Prevention & Safety
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Drowning ()N/A2.301.90N/A
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Motor Vehicle Crashes (deaths/100,000 population)N/A15.1021.40N/A
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Pedestrian Accident (deaths/100,000 population)N/A2.901.80N/A
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Poisonings (deaths/100,000 population)N/A17.3013.9013.10(2020 Target)
Respiratory Diseases
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Adults with Current AsthmaN/A8.40%6.70%N/A
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Asthma (deaths/100,000 population)N/A1.901.10N/A
Age-Adjusted Death Rate due to Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD) (deaths/100,000 population)N/A20.6038.40N/A
Hospitalization Rate due to Adult Asthma (admissions/100,000 population)N/A88.00N/AN/A
Hospitalization Rate due to Bacterial Pneumonia (admissions/100,000 population)195.10193.60N/AN/A
Hospitalization Rate due to COPD (admissions/100,000 population)158.60117.50N/AN/A
Substance Abuse
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Adults who Binge DrinkN/A14.50%15.00%24.30%(2020 Target)
Adults who SmokeN/A19.60%22.10%12.00%(2020 Target)
Wellness & Lifestyle
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Self-Reported General Health Assessment: Good or BetterN/A82.10%78.90%N/A
Educational Attainment in Adult Population
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
People 25+ with a High School Degree or Higher86.10%83.90%N/A85.20%
Higher Education
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
People 25+ with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher40.60%32.30%N/A17.10%
School Environment
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Classes Taught by Highly Qualified TeachersN/A87.00%88.80%N/A
Student-to-Teacher Ratio (students/teacher)N/A14.70N/A14.50
Student Performance K-12
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
4th Grade Students Proficient in MathN/A88.00%N/AN/A
Economic Climate
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Firms Owned by WomenN/A30.40%N/A28.80%
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Unemployed Workers in Civilian Labor ForceN/A9.00%N/AN/A
Government Assistance Programs
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Households with Cash Public Assistance Income4.10%2.30%N/A2.10%
Students Receiving Free or Reduced Price LunchN/A66.80%67.20%N/A
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Foreclosure RateN/A4.40%N/A4.80%
Housing Affordability & Supply
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Renters Spending 30% or More of Household Income on Rent48.50%63.00%N/A46.80%
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Median Household IncomeN/A$37325.00N/A$43417.00
Per Capita Income$30784.00$25668.00N/A$22359.00
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Children Living Below Poverty Level18.10%38.60%N/A21.20%
Families Living Below Poverty Level10.30%20.50%N/A10.80%
Low-Income Persons who are SNAP ParticipantsN/A21.00%N/A31.50%
People 65+ Living Below Poverty Level8.10%15.80%N/A9.70%
People Living 200% Above Poverty Level56.50%52.30%N/A62.90%
People Living Below Poverty Level20.40%25.70%N/A15.10%
Students Eligible for the Free Lunch ProgramN/A77.90%N/A39.90%
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Annual Ozone Air Quality ()N/A2.00N/AN/A
Annual Particle Pollution ()N/A3.00N/A2.00
Daily Ozone Air Quality ()N/A2.00N/A50.00
Daily Particle Pollution ()N/A29.00N/A50.00
Recognized Carcinogens Released into Air (pounds)N/A0.00N/AN/A
Built Environment
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Farmers Market Density (markets/1,000 population)N/A0.01N/A0.03
Fast Food Restaurant Density (restaurants/1,000 population)N/A0.70N/A0.57
Grocery Store Density (stores/1,000 population)N/A0.39N/A0.21
Households with No Car and Low Access to a Grocery StoreN/A3.00%N/A2.60%
Liquor Store Density (stores/100,000 population)N/A3.00N/AN/A
Low-Income and Low Access to a Grocery StoreN/A12.10%N/A6.20%
Recreation and Fitness Facilities (facilities/1,000 population)N/A0.06N/A0.07
SNAP Certified Stores (stores/1,000 population)N/A1.10N/A0.90
Toxic Chemicals
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Houses Built Prior to 195076.60%43.60%N/A19.80%
Houses Built Prior to 1950N/AN/AN/A%
PBT Released (pounds)N/A25.00N/AN/A
Commute To Work
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Mean Travel Time to Work (minutes)24.2022.90N/A22.60
Workers who Drive Alone to Work63.10%68.60%N/A79.50%
Workers who Walk to Work4.10%5.50%N/A2.50%
Personal Vehicle Travel
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Households without a Vehicle21.60%18.40%N/A5.70%
Public Transportation
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Workers Commuting by Public Transportation11.00%6.80%N/A0.40%
Public Safety
Crime & Crime Prevention
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Aggravated Assault Rate (aggravated assaults/1,000 population)2.403.30N/AN/A
All Property Crime Rate (all property crimes/ 1,000 population)33.4048.90N/AN/A
Auto Theft Rate (Auto Thefts/1,000 population)4.306.90N/AN/A
Burglary Rate (Burglaries/1,000 population)N/A10.40N/AN/A
Crimes Related to Narcotics Rate (Crimes related to narcotics/1,000 population)3.709.60N/AN/A
Homicide Rate (homicides/1,000 population)0.300.40N/AN/A
Larceny/Theft Rate (Larceny/Thefts/1,000 population)15.9021.00N/AN/A
Offenses Against Family and Children Rate (arsons/1,000 population)3.008.80N/AN/A
Vandalism Rate (vandalisms/1,000 population)8.1010.30N/AN/A
Violent Crime Rate (Violent Crimes/1,000 population)5.306.90N/AN/A
Government & Politics
Elections & Voting
TitleIrish channelOrleansLAUS Counties
Voter TurnoutN/A63.40%N/AN/A
Change Neighborhoods